MTA: SA 1.6

MTA: SA 1.6

Autor :  Multi theft auto team
Descrição: MTA SA 1.6

List of changes for 1.6

-Fixed exit crash
-Merge pull request #13 from lopezloo/banger
-Fixed #4824 (Bloodring Banger (ID: 504) enter/exit animation)
-Fixed #4824 (Bloodring Banger (ID: 504) enter/exit animation)
-Improved server error messages when parsing config files at startup
-Added callback to requestBrowserDomains
-Changed requestBrowserDomains to display the cursor while GUI is open
-Fixed #9013 (Add HTTP content type to CNetHTTPDownloadManager::QueueFile)
-Fixed #8157 [Request] fileGetPath
-Fixed CResourceStartPacket not being parsed correctly if a clientfile is empty
Added resumable downloads to auto-updater
-Fixed #8714 (Vehicle door/component desync on vehicle stream-in/out)
-Fixed #8965 (Server FPS / Players not showing in MTA Console)
-Fixed #8989 (File libcef.dll wasn't found)
-Fixed tabs and newlines
-This commit is an addendum to b8e2994b4395cd8e0654e62398387249bb0c0fdf
Reverted c0f688a5e89fc03afe94a9d07af70a6c46d4eda0 (Changed loader to always use proxy_sa.exe)
-Browser: Added a new URL scheme
-There are several issues with custom URL schemes in CEF. To get rid of these problems I decided to replace the mtalocal:// scheme by http://mta/local/bla.html (for the current resource) and http://mta/resourceName/bla.html as a generic handler.
This commit also enables post requests for ajax handlers.
-Updated acl.xml.

-Updated logging

Download : MTA: SA 1.6

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